Why egypt?

Egypt has a strong economy and favorable demographics that position it at the forefront of regional investment opportunities and long-term sustainable growth. Unlike other oil-rich MENA countries, Egypt has a diverse economy, with agriculture, manufacturing, retail, and real estate making up significant portions of its GDP. The country also has the largest market in the MENA region by population, and its fast-growing population represents an increasing young consumer base.

Strong Macro Fundamentals

A fast growing population and an expanding underserved market (mn)
A diversified economy… unlike other oil dependent MENA countries
Resilient GDP growth… even at the height of political & economic crisis
Key Economic Reforms
  • 13% value added tax implemented in September 2016
  • Begun process of phasing out unsustainable energy and fuel subsidies across country
  • The Central Bank of Egypt floated the Egyptian pound in November 2016, leading to a 48% y-o-y devaluation
Signs of Recovery
  • USD 1.5 billion net forex inflow into banking sector since the November float, leading to 10% increase in reserves
  • USD 12 billion loan obtained from IMF to be paid over 3 years in response to reforms
  • USD 6 billion in support obtained from international banks, UAE, and currency swap with China
  • Narrowing balance of payments
  • Return of trust of foreign investors