Investment Portfolio


Founded in 2009, Fawry is Egypt’s first and largest electronic payment service network.

Fawry offers a variety of services with the goal of making everyday tasks easier and faster for people in Egypt. Key services offered include mobile top-up, bill payment and collection, e-wallets, B2B cash management, local remittances, and Super Fawry. The EAEF was attracted to Fawry because of the company’s commitment to improving the quality of life of people at all levels of society.


Financial Services

Year Invested

July 2015


USD 20 mn


million customers


million transactions/day


different billing services


points of sale in more than 300 cities and suburbs

EGP 16 bn

collected through Fawry points of sale in 2016

Our Value Added

In 2015, the EAEF encouraged and partnered with international investors, including some first-time investors in Egypt, to invest in Fawry. The investor consortium included Helios Investment Partners and the MENA Long-Term Value Fund. The EAEF, in partnership with the LCP team, plays an active role on the board of Fawry and support the company’s operations by introducing international best practices.

Sarwa Capital

Sarwa Capital is the largest independent consumer finance provider in Egypt and the first developed retail car insurance provider.

Sarwa Capital offers a variety of consumer- and corporate-focused finance solutions including mortgages, leasing, insurance brokerage, asset management, payment services, debt securitization, and memberships finance. Through its subsidiary company Contact Cars, it is the country’s largest provider of consumer car loans. What makes Sarwa Capital a truly stand-out company is its efforts to reach the unbanked and low-income populations in Egypt with its services.


Financial Services

Year Invested

November 2015


USD 56 mn


individuals provided with access to finance

EGP 780 mn

active car insurance portfolios

EGP 10 bn

in total financing


repossessions leading to negligible credit losses


growth in total revenues in 2016

Our Value Added

The EAEF has supported Sarwa Captial since 2015 by expanding the company’s network of potential clientele and investment opportunities. We have also provided training and technical support by instituting corporate governance and international best practices and assisting management with key hires.

Smart Care

SmartCare is a medical services company that offers customized and discounted insurance plans for SMEs and individuals in Egypt

SmartCare understands the key role that technology can play in increasing the accessibility and affordability of healthcare services. The company offers a variety of insurance plans and services including health management organization plans, third-party administration, and self-funded schemes. A small company now, SmartCare is committed to growing its business in order to increase its reach and improve quality of life for as many people as possible.



Year Invested

May 2016


USD 1.2 mn


corporate clients


individuals served


healthcare providers and access to 1,000 doctors


client retention rate


increase in clients in 2016

Our Value Added

As SmartCare’s first international institutional investor, the EAEF is supporting the company’s mission of expansion by helping it to develop new products and expand its client base. Additionally, we’ve been working to cultivate entrepreneurial talent in the company and facilitate knowledge transfer.

Algebra Ventures

Algebra Ventures team of experienced investors provides series-A money and on-the-ground support to Egyptian entrepreneurs in the tech industry.

Founded by a team with more than 65 years of combined experience in VC, investing, technology, and management, Algebra Ventures is making smart investments in Egypt’s future. The company is committed to exploring and investing in a diverse array of companies and sectors. Algebra Ventures also provides technical support and training to help companies navigate challenging operating environments and accelerate growth.


Venture Capital

Year Invested

July 2015


USD 10 mn

USD 40 mn

to invest in companies

USD 500 k

to USD 4 million investment ticket size

USD 1.5 mn

investment in El Menus at USD 6 million post-money valuation

USD 750 k

investment in GoodsMart at a USD 3.2 million post-money valuation

Our Value Added

The EAEF supported a team of local tech investors in forming Algebra Ventures and enabled investors to reach financial close with key development financial institutions, including the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the International Financial Corporation, and Cisco. In addition to helping Algebra Ventures to reach a viable size, the EAEF works closely with its general partners to support portfolio companies, facilitate knowledge transfer from the US startup ecosystem, and strengthen the VC landscape in Egypt.


TCV is a private equity firm that invests in and supports Egyptian SMEs in a variety of sectors.

TCV is a new Egyptian investment firm managing the TCV1 Fund. TCV identifies high-potential investment targets and provides them with the financing and operational support needed to facilitate growth. In every company in which it invests, TVC seeks to strengthen management, enhance productivity, and promote strong, ethical corporate governance.


Private Equity

Year Invested

March 2017


USD 10 mn

USD 15 mn

to invest in companies

USD 2-5 mn

range investment ticket size

Our Value Added

The EAEF will help to form a new local SME fund by providing seed funding and organizing a capable and professional investment team. Additionally, the EAEF is playing a critical role in supporting first time fund managers and developing Egypt’s nascent private equity and venture capital investment landscape to welcome future investors.